Mokotów is the name of district directly south of central Warsaw, Śródmieście. Particularly Old (Stary) Mokotów is worth a walk, with its different architectural styles, in parts pre-war. The obvious gateway is through Pole Mokotowskie, the vast and very popular open park which, contrary to the even larger Łazienki Park, permits all kinds of typical park activities, such as cycling, inlines and dogs. And eating & drinking, for instance at the (beer serving) snack bars.

Leave the greenery for now and continue along ul. Puławska to make a right on ul. Dąbrowskiego and you will find Relaks and Reset.

Reset is an interior design shop which specialises in old furniture, like wooden chairs, arm chairs and coffee tables which have undergone a total makeover and re-emerged as vintage furnishings. There are also aplenty of miscellaneous objects of both Polish and international design on sale. A perfect gift shop stop!

Next door to Reset is Relaks, one of the better cafés in Warsaw, both in terms of espresso making (try the flat white) and stylish interior decoration, with a beautiful patchwork wooden floor, a bare fluorescent tube grouped ceiling (yes, it does look nice!), old bicycle posters on the wall and 50’s-60’s vintage furniture from the neighbouring Reset. Apart from making good coffee and vegan pastry the Relaks’ staff also sells and repairs bicycles! (wifi)

Head back a block on ul. Puławska and you’ll find the third and last stop on this little Re beginning excursion in Mokotów: Restaurant-club Regeneracja (No 61). Albeit it’s been a few years since it was one of the hottest spots in the Warsaw nightlife it is still quite a popular place. Not least the spacious outdoor seating in the early evenings. Live jazz on Thursdays, DJ on Fri/Sat.


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