Sunday afternoon in the park with Fryderyk

Posted: 8 August, 2011 in Classical, Music, Outdoor
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In spite of 2010 being the big Chopin year (bicentenary), certainly every year is Chopin year in Warsaw, the city where hespent his youth before moving to Paris, at age 20, never to return.
There is the modern multimedia museum at The Chopin Centre (Ostrogski Palace, ul. Tamka 43) – a perfect rainy day escape, this wet summer…
There are the fifteen stone benches playing his music scattered around the city.
Or you can pay homage to the great composer’s heart in the baroque Holy Cross Church (Kościół św. Krzyża, Krakowskie Przedmieście).
And then of course there is the free open-air piano recital at the Chopin monument in the Royal Łazienki Park. Every Sunday at noon and 4, a summer tradition as old as the national composer himself… Well not quite, but since 1959. To sit or lie on the grass next to the basin and enjoy an hour time-out of piano poetry is really wonderfully relaxing, whether (you think) you like classical music or not.


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