Bread spread

Posted: 24 August, 2011 in Food&Drink
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Smalec is a type of Polish lard created from rendered pork fat. Homemade smalec is typically imbued with pork cracklings (skwarki), chopped and fried onion (cebule). It is a classic peasant dish typically used as a substitute for the ‘rich man’s butter’ and is smeared (thickly) on bread (chleb) . It may not qualify as a dietitian’s best advice – approx. equal to one month’s supply of cholesterol on a single slice of bread. But this is one delicious fatty!
Some nice Polish rye bread and a cold lager off the tap – and it tastes so good! Not to mention it’s a good way to keep you from falling over after the tenth wódka shot, a trick that Poles have known for centuries. In fact, any fat food will do. But you should go smalec! (Schmaltz in Yiddish, though of poultry origin)

(pic also showing a slimmer topping companion: cottage cheese with chives, twaróg ze szcypiorkiem)

  1. Wojtek P says:

    Some people wonder if there’s any possibility to stay alive after the tenth wódka shot 😉 but here in Poland we don’t have any doubt about it

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