There is only one underground railway line in Warsaw (north-south, a second east-west one is under construction).
23 km and 21 stations long, running north-south, it was finally completed in 2008; 37 years after its construction began.

One of the stations is Plac Wilsona, a square in the northern quaint district of Żoliborz. It features beautiful not to say extravagant architecture with multicolour lighting on the platform ceiling and concrete mushroom-shaped canopies over the exits. (Architect: Andrzej Chołdzyński)

So why didn’t they name the square after a Polish personality instead of a President of the United States? Well, Woodrow Wilson was the champion of Poland and proclaimed the need for its independence in the Peace without Victory speech of 1917 and the more famous Fourteen Points. Ignacy Paderewski (2nd Prime Minister of the Republic of Poland) himself once called him a “foster-father of a leaderless land”. President Wilson’s stand proved very important for the rebirth of the Polish state.

Indeed, stunning it is, the Plac Wilsona station, and thus absolutely worth while the tube trip in its own right!


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