When you’ve hidden something in one of your hands and someone needs to guess which one in order to gain it, you may put the question with the rhyming (fantasy) phrase “Ence pence, w której ręce?”, “Ence pence, in what hand?”

Well, hidden, not in the hand, but in a basement behind a simple, easy-to-miss sign is Encepence, a new design gallery which features and promotes young Polish designers and where they may showcase and sell their projects.
Interior decoration such as furniture and lighting, clothing and accessories, jewellery, art work and various odd knickknacks. Yes, even custom designed bicycles!
From one-off prototype exclusivities like Kasia Kempa’s iLamp, made out of hundreds of white iPod headsets (20 000 zł!) and Marcin Wasilewski’s triptych coffee table (3 250 zł) to more affordables like Kasia Lupińska’s Massada eyewear collection. From face to toes, with the one-of-a-kind Drop shoe strapped around your ankles you will for sure get feet street attention (860 zł). And to cover your (female) body try on Agnieszka Martini’s première fashion collection (the green/black dress below is her final exam project at Łódź’s Art Academy).
In case Maja Sienkiewicz-Certowicz’s Lampa Gazetownik, a floor lamp with branches to hang your newspapers on (810 zł) or Katarzyna Herman-Janiec’s footstool Pleciak (250 zł) won’t fit into your luggage, go for fun smaller objects, such as Torba Babelkowa’s bubble plastic bags Poppy (35 zł), Kasia Fijałkowska’s video cassette tape bag Pracownia Zero (126 zł) or Projekt Anka’s Kolczyki, pieces of jewellery made of old money notes!

In short, not only an overview of Polish emerging design but furthermore a good opportunity to come home with something different from the standard selection in the (overpriced) tourist shops of the Old Town. And at the same time encouraging young designers makes Encepence the perfect souvenir shop!

ul. Nowy Świat 60 (corner of ul. Ordynacka) (12 Noon-9 PM)

mån – sön: 12:00 21:00

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