Another Miracle on the River

Posted: 16 August, 2011 in Bars, Food&Drink, Music, Outdoor, Pop&Rock
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Speaking of the Miracle at the Vistula (previous post)… Most cities that are favoured by being on water, be it a river or a lake (like my pretty hometown of Stockholm) obviously turns towards it, mirroring itself in the (hopefully!) blue. Not so Warsaw, which on the contrary oddly enough seems to turn away from Wisłą, the Vistula River.

As mentioned before (Ugly vs. Beauty) cars have more of a closer access to the current than pedestrians do. Thus few are the riverside open-air cafés, bars and restaurants. Cud nad wisłą is of those few, an open air café-club definitely worth a drink stop. Not only beer, there’s a wine bar upstairs too. And although it was “Miracle at the Vistula” of the 2010 it’s still the summer place to be if you want to hang out on the river. Music at night, DJs and live.

(Not far from the Copernicus Science Centre, Powiśle)


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