Moomin pondering

Posted: 4 August, 2011 in Bars, Outdoor
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Moominvalley is an idyllic and peaceful place where the carefree Moomins live in harmony with nature. The largest building in the valley is the Moominhouse, and its occupants welcome all visitors from the valley and further afield.
The Moomins spend their summers meeting people and having all kinds of fun…

Well, transfer the scenery of this children’s fantasy book by Tove Jansson, from the forests of Finland to a neglected dreamy little park surrounding a mirroring pond in Warsaw’s Powiśle and you have Dolina Muminków, Moominvalley.

The opening last Friday attracted hundreds of Moomin hangarounds to join the party around the pool all night long.
The main attraction is the Moominhouse, the bar constructed in simple chipboard (designed by Studio Tomek Rygalik), built alongside a different kind of a water hole, one of Warsaw’s public water wells.

Helped by the finally(?) ending of another-day-of-grey-row this little fairytale like park with no name instantly has become the place to be in the summer of 2011. Daytime for basking in the sun on the made beach (of 20 tons of sand!) as well as at night when the Club-Mate pop bottles are replaced by drinks with a higher volume of alcohol and appropriate music. Future events are to include concerts, exhibitions, children’s activities, radio-controlled boats…

Don’t forget to apply insect repellent, the mosquitoes are merciless!

The park next to ul. Książęca, Powiśle
Weekdays until 1 AM / Weekends all night long


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