Flags are flying all over the city. On the buses and trams, on every house and of course on all the flagpoles. The Polish White and Red next to the Varsovian in Yellow and Red. It is August 1st and today is Remembrance day for the Warsaw Uprising 1944.

67 years ago at 5 p.m. Warsaw Uprising (Powstanie Warszawskie) began. The timing of 5 o’clock was called the “W-hour”, using the abbreviation derived from Polish words wybuch (explosion) and wolność (freedom).
The action was intended to last a few days until Soviet forces arrived as backup. However, that wasn’t to, and the Polish insurgents fought for 63 days without almost any outside assistance.

Today at 5 p.m. sharp the air-raid sirens resounded and everyone came to a halt. Warsaw commemorated the beginning of the Warsaw Uprising with a minute’s silence (pic from Piłsudski Square). But the honouring of this anniversary began as early as yesterday with a solemn reading and music performance at Krasińskich Square (situated opposite Field Cathedral of the Polish Army, Katedra Polowa Wojska Polskiego).

And today the citizens of Warsaw have walked around with small flags and wearing t-shirts with Polska Walcząca, Fighting Poland, the “anchor” device that was used as an emblem by the Polish resistance.


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