Even though the Męskie Granie concert evening is held at the old Koneser Vodka Factory it turns out that it’s actually beer that is the prevailing beverage in everybody’s glass. Żywiec to be exact, title sponsor of the tour and one of the major lager brands of Poland. Judging by the constant very long queues to the portable toilets lots was consumed by the very large audience, while enjoying six hours of outdoor music in the warm summer evening.

Music that everybody (but me!) seemed to know by heart, judging by the unison sing along in many of the songs. No wonder, because some of tonight’s acts are living legends, particularly Lech Janerka & Wojciech Waglewski (with his band Voo Voo). They started out in the post-punk era of the mid 80’s and have kept on ever since. Now in their late 50s, but strong going still. I specially took to Janerka (pic above), whose anti-communist regime lyrics had a profound significance for the youth in the bad old days. The rock band Lao Che is not as old but has gained a dedicated fanbase with their four concept albums, not the least for 2005’s Powstanie Warszawskie (“Warsaw Uprising”), illustrating the course of events in 1944.

The odd man out in the predominantly rock concert, musically as well as in wardrobe – black suit vs. stage casual – was jazz pianist Leszek Możdżer (pic below) who started his all Krzysztof Komeda-programme (theme of his new album as well) with “Nightime, Daytime Requiem”, an homage to Amy Winehouse, whose sudden death was announced right before his taking the stage.

All in all, an enjoyable evening of music it was, also for me, although I could’s sing along.


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