Music for the chosen few II

Posted: 21 July, 2011 in Music, Pop&Rock
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Question: How many people may one squeeze into the Warsaw Fotoplastikon? Answer: 35. And how many may one fit into the actual Fotoplastikon itself? Well, say three. If they have some gear with them; guitars, drums, melodica and some other instruments.
And that is exactly what happened tonight in this unique concert, where the pop trio très.b (Misia Furtak, Thomas Pettit and Anthony Chorale) did an unplugged gig inside this big round ancient viewfinder of early three-dimensional pictures. While we, the audience, only could watch them peeping through a little glass window. The sound of the music could still be enjoyed the traditional way.
Not a I-just-have-to-get-up-and-dance-until-I-drop concert, but more of a relaxed sit-down intimate atmospheric hour.  However the closeness did put your deodorant to a test, a test some failed…


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