Let’s go Warsaw!

Posted: 18 July, 2011 in Uncategorized
Pałac Kultury i Nauki (PKiN)

Palace of Culture and Science

Last summer when I came to Warsaw for the first time there was Chopin (bicentenary) all over the city. Some time later a different tune of music brought me back; the pop & rock showcase “Don’t panic we’re from Poland”. Third time around I went to Łódź for the Design & Fashion week. And finally another visit to the capital of Poland offered the 50’s design exhibition at the National Museum (currently closed for renovation). And those were but the high points of my visits.

And now I am back once more! Ready and eager to sample the diversity of the cultural events that Warsaw has to offer this summer.

Although my recent visits I still consider myself a beginner in this town, not the least due to my lack of Polish. Which really is a hurdle because English is not as widely spoken as one would maybe believe, or for that matter wish, thus most of the information about events, exhibitions, concerts etc is unfortunately only available in Polish.

With this blog I hope to take upon myself to share some of the news of what’s going!

Do dzieła! (Let’s do it)


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